Top-tier toppings for your ice cream party

Top-tier toppings for your ice cream party

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Hello, PC® Peanut Butter Syrup! These next-level toppings will make you rethink sundaes.

Top-tier toppings are coming to a bowl near you. Scratch that, —we’re going big here. Giving you salty, saucy, crunchy decadence in every spoonful. Grab your and let’s sundae every day. 

The base: PC® Cream FirstTM Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Your sundae base is just as important as the toppings. This is the only way to do vanilla ice cream—made with  real cream and real vanilla beans. It’s the creamy goodness your sundae truly deserves.  

The sauce: PC® Peanut Butter Syrup

There’s a new topper in town and it’s the ultimate blend of sweet and salty. Made with real roasted peanuts, it takes chocolate ice cream over the top. Or if you’re truly daring, mix it with our . Dream sundae pairing unlocked!  

The cone: PC® Sprinkle Chocolatey Dipped Sugar Cones*

We took our crunchy, golden, caramelized sugar cones for a dip in chocolatey coating and a roll through sprinkles made without synthetic colours. Get your ice cream scoop ready! 

The crunch: PC® Organics Berries & Dark Chocolate Granola

This is exactly what you crave in a sundae. Whole-grain rolled oats and pumpkin seeds add texture, dried cranberries and freeze-dried raspberries give a hit of tartness and dark chocolate balances it all out.  

The chocolate: PC® The Decadent® Semi-Sweet Mini Chocolate Chips

Sundaes should be decadent and the only way to reach peak decadence is with our . These are the same chocolate chips that are in our iconic cookies, except mini. Pile them high on your creation and taste true indulgence.  

Raspberry Hibiscus Ice Pop Cocktail

Level: Easy

Preparation: 5 mins

Ready in: 5 mins

Check it out

Frozen fan faves—forever and ever

PC® fans have spoken and these desserts are summer’s greatest hits, year after year. What are you waiting for? To the freezer aisle!   

PC® Raspberry Hibiscus Flavoured Ice Pops

Behold the boldest berry on the block—in an irresistible ice pop. Made with real raspberries and a kiss of hibiscus, this treat is sweet, tart and unapologetically grownup. And so good, we had to make a second flavour—lavender lemonade lovers, we’ve got you!  

PC® Strawberry Mochi

When you need a little something sweet, reach for these Japanese-inspired bites. Rich strawberry ice cream wrapped in chewy rice paper. Watch them disappear at your next party.  

PC® Cream FirstTM Peanut Butter & Chocolate Ice Cream with Chocolate Fudge CrackleTM

Our ice cream has something you won’t find anywhere else. It’s a crispy, chocolatey crackle that melts in your mouth. Add the salty-sweet flavours of chocolate and peanut butter and it can’t be beat. Unless you pour on .  

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