2 no-bake summer desserts (in portable portions)
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2 no-bake summer desserts (in portable portions)

Summer Sweets

On the deck. By the pool. In a tube on the lake with a bag of PC® Cookie Dough Vanilla Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Bites. These mini marvels require no baking, so you can finally indulge anytime you like.

Plant based. Peanut butter. Pop-able portions. So many p-words wrapped into one perfectly pleasurable bite. Please meet our . A crunchy, decadent dark chocolatey shell filled with frozen coconut milk, flavoured with peanut butter. You won’t believe it’s vegan! We suggest buying two boxes—the first just for you because it’s too good to share.

Chef tip: To reach peak delightfulness, let these bites sit out for a couple of minutes. They’ll soften slightly, so you have the perfect blend of chocolate and peanut butter.

Who’s the coolest cookie on the block? You, because you have in your freezer. Always a trendsetter, you’re digging into our first-ever ice cream cookie dough bite. Bonus: there’s no baking needed—it goes from your freezer to your mouth. Each bite is sweet sugar cookie dough filled with perfection—that’s what we call vanilla chocolate chip ice cream. No spoon, no mess—just snackable ice cream. Sweet! Once you try these bites, you’ll want more. Same! We had to make triple chocolate and peanut butter and chocolate. Three flavours, impossible to pick a fave.

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