4 creamy classics you’ll crave all summer

4 creamy classics you’ll crave all summer

Summer sweets

Can you make ice cream more luxurious? Enter our PC® Black Label ice creams. Our premium, Canadian-made* pints are the definition of true indulgence.

When we all scream for ice cream, it’s a pint of rich, extremely creamy PC® Black Label we’re craving. In our opinion, it’s the best tasting ice cream on our shelves (and soon to be in your freezer, too). Every PC® Black Label pint starts with a few ingredients, including whole cream, sugar and egg yolks. That’s what gives every scoop a rich, creamy taste and makes it luxuriously smooth. Our artisanal-style recipes are also purposely light on one element sometimes found in other ice creams: air. Since air is everywhere, it’s easy to pump into ice cream, but it may leave you with a treat that quickly melts in your bowl. Ice cream soup—no thanks! That’s why every PC® Black Label pint is churned with less air, so it’s dense, super-creamy and slow to melt so you can truly savour it.

This sweet formula makes our world-class flavours deliciously delectable. Grab a spoon because we have four flavour favourites you need to have on rotation all summer long.

The instant: the kids have gone to bed

The indulgence:

We added real salted toffee pieces, to give you that coveted sweet-and-salty treat you’ve waited for all day. Now, it’s just you, a spoon and sweet silence.

The instant: you’re alone by the campfire

The indulgence:

S’mores are great, but have you ever had a pint of fudgy, nutty ice cream all to yourself? It gives you rich and chocolatey flavours without the sticky fingers. It’s so loved, it’s a go-to for our PC® Chefs and Product Developers.

The instant: you wow guests with dessert

The indulgence:

This vanilla ice cream delivers sweet, warm and creamy goodness in every bite. Madagascar vanilla has higher concentrations of vanilla, giving you an extra level of sweetness. Drop a scoop (or three) into hot espresso and prepare for the patio to be hopping.

The instant: you return from an epic beach day

The indulgence:

This is sunshine in a bowl. Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit that tastes like a mix of a lemon, lime and orange. You may have tracked a little sand into the house after your beach day, but there is a cold bowl of this tart, refreshing citrus treat waiting to refresh you. Worth it!

*From domestic and imported ingredients.

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