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A round tray with an overhead view of three glasses of sparkling beverages garnished with slices of jalapenos  and some tortillas on the side.

A fresh new edition of the PC® Insiders ReportTM Summer edition

It’s not summer without lemonade. And it’s not a PC® product without a twist. PC® Jalapeno Lemonade is spiked with a gentle kick of peppery heat, yet still mellow and refreshing in a sweet-tart way. Add a salted rim, drop in a jalapeno slice or just pour over ice – a lemonade like this doesn’t come with rules. Want to learn more about this exciting drink and other new summer products? Check out the PC® Insiders ReportTM Summer edition.

A bottle of PC Jalapeño Lemonade

Discover something new in the PC® Insiders ReportTM Summer edition.

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