Hot pizza, hot price: meet our new PC® Propane-Powered Pizza Oven
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Hot pizza, hot price: meet our new PC® Propane-Powered Pizza Oven


The new PC® Propane-Powered Pizza Oven is priced so incredibly, shockingly, astoundingly well, it’s the summer of pizza.

We’re not supposed to pick favourites, but the slick new —a high-quality appliance at an amazing price—has us obsessed. And we’re willing to bet you will be too.

Buy it for the incredible price and quality and keep it for the restaurant-style pizzas it bakes up fast—and the fact that you’ve never been more popular in the neighbourhood. If you don’t fall in love at first crust, we’ll refund you, guaranteed*.

Not convinced? You should also know this nifty oven is backed by a five-year warranty and is easy to use, compact and portable, with folding legs so you can take it—and excellent pizza—with you all summer long.

If you know our PC® Enameled Cast Iron cookware, you know how obsessed we are with making quality cooking gear accessible. We want the to empower more people to become the pizza chefs they were meant to be, at our amazing price. Outdoor pizza theatre and chewy, cheesy pies are in your hands.

Halloom and Za’atar Pizza

Level: Easy

Preparation: 25 mins

Ready in: 30 mins

Check it out

The keys to nailing that restaurant-style crust are the 12-inch cordierite stone inside the oven and the adjustable flames that heat it to 500°C or 932°F. The lead-free clay is porous and absorbs the moisture of the dough while retaining the super-high heat of the oven. “The square stone is what creates the authentic, crispy restaurant-style pizzas and allows you to turn your backyard into a pizzeria,” says PC® Product Developer Nikki Dhaliwal.

At such high temperatures, it only takes minutes to cook a pizza. In the interest of speed, you may want to turn your patio table into a pizza-making station. That way, each of your kids or guests can design their own pie, watch you give it a few turns in the oven with your and then serve it up with all the swagger of a pizza chef. Swagger because you’ll know that the key to beautiful crust blisters—called “leoparding” in pizza lingo—is to rotate the pizza as it cooks, and you’ll learn to wield our new in no time. It’s an optional accessory, smaller than most other pizza peels, designed for loading, rotating and pulling out your pizzas.

The oven connects to a standard propane tank (same as your grill), and Dhaliwal says if you can use a barbecue, you can use this. It’s important that you preheat the pizza oven for 15 minutes at the highest setting, Dhaliwal notes, then drop the temperature dial to medium when you’re ready to cook. “Figuring out the temperature takes practice,” she adds. In windy weather, for instance, it might take a bit longer to warm the stone. A single dial lets you adjust the heat, so if you ever need a break from pizzas—we don’t!—you can use the oven to roast fish or vegetables, or even sear a steak in a cast iron pan. Since pizza is this oven's first job though, our PC® Test Kitchen has created two new recipes for it: , and . They found the crusts blistered in all the right places, while the toppings became tender and irresistible. One last crucial tip to ensure your beautiful pizzas slide easily into and out of the oven: Generously flour your pizza peel. Nothing is more tragic than a sticky pizza and flying toppings—you want to protect your pie at all costs.

* Just bring the product, packaging and receipt back to the store where you bought it for a full refund.

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