9 ways to chill out with PC® frozen treats

9 ways to chill out with PC® frozen treats

How to

Cool, delicious desserts are on deck (maybe literally on your deck)! Fill your freezer with PC® Raspberry Hibiscus Flavoured Ice Pops and these other icy essentials. 

The brain freeze needs a rebrand, and it starts here with these frozen treats. What if, when you ate something super cold a little too quickly or eagerly, the sensation that hit you was one of pure pleasure? Not an ouch but an oh-my-wooden-sticks-I’ve-never-tasted-anything-like-this moment of joy. Through extensive experimentation (us enthusiastically double-fisting ice pops in the PC® Test Kitchen), we have been able to prove this. Now it’s your turn – we suggest working your way through this list.

Get the top pops

If its colour didn’t give it away, our new is the summer’s total show off. Made with 100% real raspberries and a kiss of hibiscus extract – a tropical flower with a flavour similar to cranberry or pomegranate – this treat is sweet, tart and unapologetically grown-up. At just 80 calories per 60 mL pop and fiery magenta, it’s also the hottest way to chill out.  

Raspberry Hibiscus Ice Pop Cocktail

Level: Easy

Preparation: 5 mins

Ready in: 5 mins

Check it out

Not too sweet and super mellow, have a hint of lavender flavour – floral and familiar, but not overpowering. It’s such a cool, indulgent treat, like slurping a frozen mocktail on a stick while meandering through the sun-drenched French countryside. 

Our are for those who want their basics done right. Made with real fruit purée, brown sugar, concentrated juice and natural flavour, these 64 mL bars are 70 calories each and fat free. Actually, they’re anything but basic. We’ll call them classic.

Choose chilly pies

A new one for chocolate lovers, and a classic for those who skew fruit. has a silky filling made with real milk chocolate, a pressed, dark cocoa cookie crust and dollops of real cream on top. has a sweet-tart, fluffy filling, a graham crust and real whipped cream topping. 

Stock sundae essentials

Top a few scoops of rich and creamy (or ) with a pink ribbon of – its sweet, floral acidity matches so well with ice cream. For more classic sundae toppings, bring salty-sweet crunch, and buttery, chocolate-dipped can be crumbled or make a deluxe ice cream sandwich.

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