A pie to rule them all: PC® The Decadent® Double Chocolate Cream Pie
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A pie to rule them all: PC® The Decadent® Double Chocolate Cream Pie


Chocolate cookie crumbs in the crust. Real milk chocolate filling. And whipped cream to finish. Did we just make our best pie ever?

There’s a secret to making your summer 500% better: Add chocolate. Science hasn’t proven this theory yet, but after decades of product making, we know it to be true. Take our iconic , which is stuffed with as many chocolate chips as we can get in the batter without it falling apart. Summer days are just better when you use these treats to make s’mores or ice cream sandwiches. So why hadn’t we used our chocolate logic to make a truly decadent, over-the-top summer dessert? Our sincerest apologies for denying you this chocolatey creation for so long.

But now, give us a drum roll and break out your happy dance, because our is here. To start, we pressed chocolate cookie crumbs to form the base of the crust. We topped it with a silky milk chocolate filling you can’t stop eating. Then we crowned the whole thing with dollops of real whipped cream for a grand finale. Sorry, we just need a minute to drool.

The secret to this extra-indulgent pie? The chocolate, obviously.

“I distinctly remember the first time I tried this pie and I knew it was ‘the one,’” says Aneta Rybak, the PC® Product Developer behind this pie. “It had everything I love in a dessert -- the rich deliciousness of quality chocolate and contrasting textures and flavours. I wasn’t going to eat more, but I went back for a whole slice. I just couldn’t help myself.”

Yep, that milk chocolate and cream filling, isn’t just 100% decadent--it’s 100% irresistible.

And then we realized it deserved more than a basic crust:

“We wanted to think of how we could make the best version of every part of this pie, and I just don’t think that a regular pie dough is enough for something like this,” explains Rybak.

Enter the cookie crust, made with cocoa that’s just the right level of bittersweet to balance the richness of the filling.

This new pie takes everything you love about PC® The Decadent® products (hello, indulgence) and removes everything you don’t love about making homemade pie (buh-bye, fours stuck in a kitchen).

“It’s our best dessert of the season — and we do all the work for you,” says Rybak.

So how good is it? Well, if you’re a fan of our beloved , and , then you already know a PC® dessert is the summer VIP. And when you serve our at your next gathering, it’s all anyone will talk about (and all you had to do was pull it out of the freezer and defrost).

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