5 new fun and flavourful PC® drinks that have it all (except the ice)
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5 new fun and flavourful PC® drinks that have it all (except the ice)

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When it’s hot and the days are long, a single drink just won’t do. Fun, fizzy, refined, ice cold, blended, fruity—you want variety. Lucky for you, we happen to be in the variety business.

On a hot summer day, you don’t want just one drink—you want options. The coolest choices have a PC® label. Whether you feel like something fruity, fizzy or a little refined, we do variety very well. Drink any of these straight-up, blended with ice or spiked—it’s your hydration journey, so let your thirst be your guide.

PC® Pomegranate Lemonade

We’re calling it . What makes it so crushable? The juice of real pomegranates cuts the sweet taste to really amp up this lemonade’s sweet-tart contrast. It’s a classic on its own, and absolutely genius mixed with soda, a lime wedge and your spirit of choice.

PC® Organics Coffee Kombucha

Love coffee and kombucha? We made it so you never have to choose. This bottle blends 100% arabica coffee with natural fizz to create a gently effervescent cold brew. It’s the hottest collaboration out right now.

PC® Perfectly Purple Blueberry Açai Smoothie Blend

A good smoothie takes planning—what’s your flavour combo? Who ate the last banana?—but the very best takes no planning at all. The latest frozen PC® Smoothie Blend is a combo of blueberry, açai (an earthy berry with chocolate notes) mango and pineapple. Super easy, hyper tropical, all in the bag. Toss it into the blender as is or add juice or your fave milk alternative. Since you’re here, grab a and a .

PC® De-alcoholized Wine

The latest in our line of dealcoholized wines is one of the most popular whites. is crisp and dry, with subtle herbaceous notes. Serve it in a spritzer with your barbecue or mezze dinner or swirl it into a big batch of sangria with PC® Smoothie Blends frozen fruit. Want variety in your alcohol-free bar? We’ve got it: Try our Merlot, Sparkling White, Chardonnay, Rosé and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties.

PC® Organics Watermelon Mint Tulsi Water Kefir

A live bacterial culture creates subtle bubbles in this drink, making us think of as a kissing cousin to kombucha. Pronounce it however you wish, but kefir is always big on refreshment and brimming with fruity-herbal flavour. Enjoy it—or —by the goblet or, for an extra-special cool treat, pour it over a scoop of sorbet or coconut ice cream. Kefloat, anyone?

Make it pop

If you can drink it, you can freeze it with our new . Dishwasher-safe and BPA-free, this tray makes classic ice pops out of almost anything. Blend with Greek yogurt. Or combine , and fresh fruit. Or mix with a touch of flavoured creamer for a cold-brew treat. Once they’re frozen, run the bottom of the mould under warm water to pop your pops out.

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