11 easy PC® picnic essentials you can buy all at once
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11 easy PC® picnic essentials you can buy all at once

How To

Don’t get stressed! Pack your PC® 26L Hard Cooler with all the snacks and get out there.

Picnics are not inherently stressful events. But you might think they are if your picnic experience consists solely of running madly into multiple stores for the food, the drinks and the gear. The PC® solution: stop stressing, shop it all in one place, and pack a little less plastic in the process. Now look at how much cooler you are with just one stop to make. You’re welcome.

PC® 26 L Hard Cooler Denim Blue

Picnic rule #1: cold things should stay cold. Grab this roomy hard-side cooler at the same time as you shop for the drinks and snacks to fill it. Functional and cute—we love to see it.

PC® 1 Gallon Water Bottle

Instead of packing a bunch of single use plastic water bottles, hit the tap with a big, reusable beauty. This gallon-size vessel will nudge you to stay hydrated throughout the day, wherever your adventures take you. We love the easy to carry braided strap and quick-release lid.

PC® Ice Pop Moulds

For picnics in the backyard or any freezer-adjacent location, these moulds are dishwasher-safe and BPA-free. Buy all the juices and fruits along with the molds and classic ice pops are yours—after a little chill time, of course.

PC® Planet FirstTM Bamboo Lunch Plates

On your way to the park you realize you have nothing to eat off of. Solution: These sturdy, grease- and water-resistant plates. They’re plastic-free and compostable*.

PC® Planet FirstTM Wheat Straws

Straws made of straw – how smart is that? These plastic-free straws are made with dried wheat stalks, so they won’t go soggy as you sip. Now .

PC® Planet FirstTM Birch Cutlery Multipack

These lightweight forks, knives and spoons (eight in a pack) are made of materials sourced from sustainably managed birch forests.

Picnic-approved PC® snacks

You’ve got the gear, now collect all your favourite no-prep, no-mess picnic snacks you can eat by the handful. , are made with Canadian-grown potatoes and gluten free. For a touch of hickory (minus the campfire), try . Cover off sweet treats with (melted cookies are sad, so stash them in your cooler) and super fun . And for a quick, juice-bar inspired drink, try a – shake it up and shoot it, or add it to your water.

*Compostable in industrial facilities with windrow, static pile, covered and in-vessel methods. Please check locally, as these do not exist in many communities.

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