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Coffee you’ll LOVE or your money back*

Coffee is a ritual, a day starter, a meal ender, part of your every day. And we are as deeply committed to your next cup as you are. And the one after that. And so on. We begin by specially selecting the beans—100% Arabica, to be specific—and we always roast them in Canada.

We’re so focused on the final brew that we have a team of professional coffee graders review every shipment of coffee beans before and after roasting. This way, we ensure every cup you sip is consistently delicious, whether you’re brewing a pot or a speedy single shot of espresso.

Crack into our award-winning, recyclable** packaging and breathe in the aroma of those carefully sourced and inspected beans. Then grab a mug, a travel cup or pour it over ice—any way you brew it, you’ll love your PC® coffee, or your money back, guaranteed*.

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Want a better brew? We're here for you!

There’s a science to making coffee. Mmm, science… The good news is, you don’t have to be a nuclear engineer to go from java junior to borderline barista! We’re coming in hot with the foundations to your at home percolations.

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Go to the light

Sometimes you want a cup of coffee that’s on the mellow side. Light roasts like the PC® Great Canadian Coffee are right there when you need them. You still get that coffee flavour you crave, but without the intensity you get from some bolder brews. The best part? It plays nicely with other ingredients. Milk, chocolate sauce, hazelnut syrup, ice, whipped cream – did we just invent a new kind of frozen mocha latte? Why not grab a blender and find out for yourself!

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Let's meet in the middle

Medium roasts have a gorgeous dark chocolate color that just screams “Drink me!” What, we’re the only ones who can hear the coffee? That’s okay. Our PC 100% Costa Rican Medium Roast Coffee is made from 100% Costa Rican Arabica beans (you may have guessed from the name). Like the land it hails from, this coffee has a slight sweetness, a delicate fragrance, as well as a mild smoky flavour (Canadians just aren’t used to that strong, tropical sun). All that makes for the perfect 2PM cup of joe, no matter if you’re just washing down lunch or just waking up.

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Welcome to the dark side

Flavour favours the bold, and we’ve got options for you. Take the PC Gourmet West Coast Dark Roast Coffee for instance. This finely-ground, 100% Arabica coffee is certainly not for the faint of tongue, but with rich notes of cocoa, this dark roast blend certainly rewards in search of the bolder things in life. The only question that remains is: are you brazen enough to drink it black?

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*With proof of purchase.

**This paper-based recyclable packaging is made of a minimum 80% paperboard content – freshness seal is not recyclable.