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5 essential PC® Coffees and the accessories to match

The most satisfying, delicious cups of coffee are made with the best beans and the right equipment. That’s why for every PC® Coffee there’s a PC® accessory made to match. Read on for the hottest coffee couples.

Making exceptional coffee at home just got easier. You’re already starting with PC® Coffee—a smart choice. We source the finest beans from around the world and roast them in Canada. And then we keep all our coffee fresh in our award-winning, recyclable packaging*—another smart feature. Getting PC® Coffee from the package into your mug isn’t magic—but it might feel like that when you have the right setup. We’re here to make it easy. Here are some perfectly matched coffee combos for your next levelled-up at-home cup.

The coffee: Enjoy the deep aromas and rich flavour notes of dried fruit, brown sugar and subtle cocoa from this blend of 100% Arabica beans from Indonesia, Sumatra, Kenya, Ethiopia and beyond. This grind size is ideal for drip coffee, whether you’re brewing a full pot, or a mug made just for you.

The accessory: This is best of both worlds brewing—with both a 14-cup automatic coffee maker and single-serve brewer in one compact, countertop machine. The water reservoir is removable for easy filling and there are two reusable filter sizes for carafe capacity or a single-serve mug.

The coffee: You love a deep, dark cup of black coffee, and you know whole beans will deliver the best sensory experience. Brew this dark roast in a French press so you can really take in its rich colour, aroma and flavour, with hints of dark chocolate and earthiness.

The accessory: A press of the plunger will call on all your senses. This elegant, copper-finished beauty looks just as good on your countertop full as it does empty. When you’re using it to brew PC® Organic Dark Roast, it won’t stay full for long!

The coffee: You love the ritual of making coffee and especially the act of sipping it—all day (and night) long. This brew delivers all the rich flavour notes of dried fruit, brown sugar and subtle cocoa—and none of the caffeine. Grinding your beans as you go gives you the full barista experience and keeps your cup fresh and aromatic every time.

The accessory: Every at-home barista needs a solid, reliable coffee grinder—greetings, this is it. Our burr grinder features a 450-mL removable chamber and 21 settings ranging from super-fine to coarse, so you can change up your brewing method as the mood strikes. What makes a burr—as opposed to a blade—special? A burr wheel grinds the beans more evenly, which makes a more consistent and more flavourful cup of coffee.

The coffee: If you love a dark roasted espresso, this one delivers. This blend of 100% Arabica coffees from South and Central America gives you rich, creamy body and intense flavour, with notes of cacao. It goes from super to sensational when you top it with frothy clouds of steamed milk—meet your new daily macchiato.

The accessory: Make marvellous macchiatos, luscious lattes and more with this simple-to-use frother. It features four settings for customized frothing and warming and lets you choose between thin or thick foam. The machine is cordless and works wonderfully with your favourite type of milk, including skim, soy, oat and nut milks.

The coffee: Smooth, mellow, and balanced with nutty caramel notes, this classic coffee is right at home on a table decked with desserts. There’s no rush, only cake and big, steamy cups.

The accessory: Wrap your hands around this artisanal-inspired stoneware mug. It’s a beautiful, generous vessel made for coffee you want to unwind with.

*This recyclable packaging is made with a minimum 80% paper content—freshness seal is not recyclable.