Meet the pie like no other

Meet the pie like no other

Taste Trip

More than just a pretty slice, our PC® Ube Boba Cream Pie is made with purple yam, studded with boba pearls and topped with fresh whipped cream. Can’t top that.

This weekend, you want to be that person who brings that pie to the party. The star of our is ube, a purple yam popular in Filipino cuisine. 

Our PC® Product Developers pie-ified it, blending it ultra smooth with a light, creamy base. The toasty graham crust is all about texture, with shredded coconut that picks up the tropical vibes ube is putting down. But the most unexpected part—as if a purple pie wasn’t surprising enough—are the boba pearls. Take a bite and you’ll discover it’s bursting with tapioca pearls. It’s a thaw-and-serve dessert, so you can focus on finding a purple outfit for its big premier. 

What is ube?

When people ask us what our favourite colour is, we answer ube. The star ingredient in our and is this violet-coloured yam originally from the Philippines. Ube—pronounced ooh-bey—is slightly sweeter than an orange yam, with a mild vanilla flavour and moist texture that make it a dream in desserts. It has deep roots in Filipino cuisine where it shows up mostly in sweets, including cakes, puddings, cheesecakes and ice cream. 

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