6 colourful and incredibly tasty Filipino-inspired foods you have to try
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6 colourful and incredibly tasty Filipino-inspired foods you have to try

Taste trip

Taste sweet and unexpectedly purple buns and pies, intriguing Adobo and the citrus snap of calamansi in this flavourful new collection, only from PC®.

The flavours of Filipino cuisine are having a moment. Calamansi and adobo are making appearances on restaurant menus and purple foods have popped up—#nofilter, of course—on social media. Now it’s your patio table’s turn, because these tastes are so totally summer: those sweet punches of purple, bursts of juicy, mouth-tingling calamansi, the complexity of adobo and the joy of foods meant for passing and partying. Our PC® Product Developers were so inspired by the amazing flavours, vibrancy and social spirit of Filipino cuisine, they just had to share it. Our prediction: you won’t be able to keep it to yourself either. Pass it on!

Calamansi & Cucumber Slush

Level: Easy

Preparation: 5 mins

Ready in: 10 mins

Check it out

PC® Blue Menu Calamansi Citrus and Strawberry Sparkling Water

A zesty new flavour joins the fam! Our iconic sparkling water has zero sugar, calories and sodium. But what is calamansi, you ask? It tastes like a lemon-lime-orange hybrid—a perfect sparkling water star. A little background on this tiny, tart citrus: it’s a staple in Filipino and Southeast Asian food, where it’s often used in grilling and sweets, including drinks and dessert. Here it’s matched with sweet strawberry notes and a bounty of bubbles—made with natural flavours only.

PC® Calamansi Lemonade

We can’t bottle sunshine, but we captured calamansi! Made with real, never-from-concentrate lemon and calamansi juice, it’s a radiant refreshment with gentle pucker power. Grab the ice, grab your shades.

PC® Mango & Calamansi Citrus Grilling Raw Shrimp Skewers

Introducing a tropical marinade first for PC® skewers. Our newest shrimp skewers have flavours from mango purée and calamansi juice. Plus, they come pre-soaked, pre-marinated and ready to grill, hand-threaded with responsibly farmed shrimp.

PC® Ube Pandesal Buns

There are basic barbecue buns, and then there are these. Slice them in half for the best party trick—they’re purple! Purple yes—pillowy soft and versatile too. Our buns are made for sandwiches, burgers and sweet snacking. These new rolls are doubly inspired by Filipino food. First, their colour comes from ube, a purple sweet potato commonly used in the Philippines. Traditional pandesal are deeply beloved buns, typically eaten for breakfast or stuffed with cheese or peanut butter for a snack. Our PC® spin adds ube, makes them a little larger and balances the sweet with savoury. Pile on one of our and a grilled pineapple ring and prepare for a taste sensation.

PC® Filipino Chicken Adobo Lumpia Spring Rolls with Vegetables and Chicken

Hand-rolled and perfectly golden brown as they should be, this is our twist on the classic. We’ve captured all the flavours of chicken adobo—garlic, vinegar, soy sauce, black pepper and bay leaf—and tucked them with vegetables into an extra-thin, crispy wrapper. How thin, you ask? Thinner than traditional spring rolls—and longer, too. This is handheld, shareable party food. If you’re a dipper, we recommend simple vinegar, spiked with chilis and cracked black pepper.

PC® World of Flavours Filipino Adobo Chicken Flavour Rippled Potato Chips

Your new chip of choice is the latest in our PC® World of Flavours family: Canada’s first Filipino-inspired adobo-chicken-flavoured chip. Our ripple shape is ideal for snagging maximum seasoning—notes of garlic, soy sauce and bay leaf—in all its nooks. It tastes like a salt-and-vinegar chip got its passport and did a little travelling.

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