3 ways to use our purple PC® Ube Pandesal Buns

3 ways to use our purple PC® Ube Pandesal Buns

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They’re purple, pillowy soft and super versatile, too. Try these three tasty ways to use PC® Ube Pandesal Buns.

You couldn’t pass up our —but what’s the story behind them? And how should you use them? They’re doubly inspired by the flavours and colours of Filipino food. First, their colour comes from ube, a purple sweet potato commonly used in the Philippines. Traditional pandesal are deeply beloved buns, typically eaten for breakfast or stuffed with cheese or peanut butter for a snack. Our PC® spin adds ube, makes them a little larger and balances the sweet with savoury. This makes a soft, super fun bun you can use in so many different ways. Try these:

Pandesal Pulled Pork Sandwich

Add a burst of colour to your pulled pork sandwiches with . Start with . Cook it, then shred the meat and toss it with . Now assemble—this is a juicy one. Lightly toast your buns, add mayonnaise then pile on shredded meat, a ring of grilled pineapple, slaw and sliced pickles.

Open-Faced Breakfast Sandwich

It’s a great morning when you swap English muffins with toasted for your breakfast sandwich. Spread bun halves generously with mayonnaise, then stack sliced avocado, and and top with a fried egg. Finish with a few shakes of hot sauce, a drizzle of honey and a sprinkle of chopped chives.

Ube Coconut Cream Buns

Ube is traditionally used in desserts in Filipino cuisine, and pandesal typically skew sweet, so this is a delectable way to use . Beat 1 cup (250 mL) of heavy whipping cream in the bowl of a stand mixer (or in a large bowl with hand beaters) until it begins to thicken and hold soft peaks. Pour in 1/4 cup (60 mL) of and continue to beat until stiff peaks form. Slice buns three quarters of the way through to create an opening and fill with coconut whipped cream. Brush bun tops with a bit of sweetened condensed coconut milk, sprinkle with toasted coconut flakes and lightly dust with powdered sugar.

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