Our coolest cooler ever

Our coolest cooler ever

Summer Sips

Our PC® Retro Patio Cooler is more than a cooler—it’s a mic drop. Loaded with 110 cans and 26 pounds of ice, all kept cool for 48 hours. Your weekend officially starts here! 

Our is ready to party. All. Summer. Long. In fact, it’s the only way to chill this season. 

Pop the lid and look inside. It’s big, right? Big enough to hold 110 355-ml cans of anything you want. Maybe some . Plus, 26 pounds of ice on top. With our at your side, you better invite the neighbours, cause the party will go all night. 

Actually, longer. It keeps drinks cold for 48 hours. That’s an entire weekend! Forty-eight hours of adventure  coming up. You’re going to need more sparkling water! 

How did we make a cooler this cool? We can’t give away all our secrets, but our bottom liner is 30% thicker and has thermal walls to help keep contents cool for up to 48 hours. 

Plus, we added a lid with a super-secure seal to keep cold air locked inside. The result? Forty-eight hours of cool.  

Now your backyard is the ultimate party spot. Everyone will be gathered ’round this beauty of cooler with its vintage vibe, available in retro mint or sleek black. And its sleek style is here to stay thanks to a rust-resistant finish. Plus, it has a two-year warranty so the party won’t stop this summer. Or the next. Or the next.  

Calamansi & Cucumber Slush

Level: Easy

Preparation: 5 mins

Ready in: 10 mins

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Ultimate party cooler

Our is here for every summer soiree. In fact, here are three ways to pack it to keep the good times rolling. 

Best BBQ cooler

No one throws a barbecue like you, with refreshing drinks and slices upon slices of pie. Cheers to that.  

3 boxes

3 bottles

36 cans

Cool pool cooler

What’s more tempting: the pool or the cooler full of sweet treats? 

4 tubs

5 boxes of

3 bottles of


Sparkling baby shower cooler

Pack a cooler filled with sips everyone can enjoy. This works for a backyard brunch, too.  

4 bottles

24 cans

24 cans

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