Introducing our easiest holiday seafood dish ever
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Introducing our easiest holiday seafood dish ever

Everyday Upgrades

Our new easy-to-make bake is ready for your family celebrations.

You love seafood, but you hate the complicated prep work. We feel you! Scallops are too easy to overcook, you’re never sure how long to steam mussels, and those hard lobster shells are just straight up intimidating. Oh, and you couldn’t find any fresh shrimp—May Day! Should you just give up on your seafood dinner? Of course not, because we’ve fixed it for you. We’ve taken all the difficult prep and timing guesswork out of the equation, leaving you with a tray of delectable seafood that’s ready to go straight into the oven. Set sail – destination Impress Everyone – with our new , made for every holiday celebration. 

In every bake, there are shrimp, mussels, scallops and two lobster claws. Yep, in one dish – no need to trudge through the snow to multiple stores to get all your seafood. Or spend $100 on your ingredients. Get everything in one dish for less than $20. It gets better! 

Now just sit back and relax, while we do all the work for you: sprinkle the herb pack over the foil tray. Add the scallops, mussels and shrimp. Place lobster claws in the tray and then place the butter pucks on top. You’re done! Grab a glass of  because you’re ready to celebrate.

“This is a fuss-free entertaining dish that’s an indulgent one-pot meal for the family to enjoy,” says Cranston. 

When you pull the tray out of the oven, get ready to wow your guests. That “butter and garlic richness will be the first thing you smell,” explains PC® Product Developer James Cranston. The scallops are lightly poached in the butter as it melts, Cranston says, meaning they’re perfectly cooked and not overdone. If you’ve ever accidentally made rubbery scallops because you cooked them 30 seconds too long, you know what an achievement it is to get them right. “The scallops offer that sweetness and tenderness, and the lobster is indulgence,” he says.  

Oh, and don’t worry about cracking the two lobster claws (sourced from Nova Scotia, of course). We pre-scored it for you, so it just slides right out. Boom! 

And the best part is, this all-in-one seafood bake is less expensive than if you were to buy each of the four seafood ingredients individually in our stores – that would cost you $50, plus the butter and seasonings. Our seafood bake for two is under $20, so tuck in as often as you like. Who needs a restaurant? Not you! 

“This is a fuss-free entertaining dish that’s an indulgent one-pot meal for the family to enjoy,” says Cranston. 

No need to lift a finger when it comes to serving this dish either: Grab a freshly baked baguette, tear it into chunks, and dig in. If you don’t have herby, garlicky butter dripping down your front, you’re not doing it right.