Roast turkey, no drama

Roast turkey, no drama

Why We Made It

Love turkey but not the commitment? PC® Butter-Infused Stuffed Turkey Crown is here to save you.

Turkey: You love to eat it, but could do without the drama. The day-before brine, the next one spent hovering by the oven, basting, timing and temperature taking, all to never know for sure that – despite all this coddling – what you bring to the table won’t be dry and overcooked. Beyond that, there are the leftovers. So. Many. Leftovers. A turkey-and-stuffing sandwich is brilliant on day two, but turkey can quickly wears out its welcome.  

Our new  is the opposite of all this – not intimidating, not time consuming, easy and succulent. And we stand by it – if you’re not satisfied, we’ll give you your money back.   

What even is a turkey crown though? It’s a turkey with the wings, legs and back removed – a cut that makes for a more manageable bird, perfect when you don’t want to go full roast, or for families that lean more white than dark meat. Turkey crowns are big in England (we assume the royals are fans), thought it isn’t as common on this side of the pond – but we think it should be.  

Our version of this clever bird is filled with traditional stuffing, flavoured with onion, sage, thyme and rosemary (there’s an unstuffed version, too).   

“Just another reason our turkeys are almost foolproof.” 

But that may be the only traditional thing about this turkey. First, its smaller size – between 2.5 kg and 3.5 kg, which feeds six to eight people (lean on leftovers) – means it cooks more quickly. Expect to need between 4.5 to five hours of cooking time, compared with seven or eight hours for a bigger bird. What’s more, there’s no days-long defrosting process – this bird is ready to cook from frozen. 

Do you like a little turkey with your butter? Kidding. But not kidding. Our turkey crown is infused with Normandy-style butter, supremely creamy with a hint of tang that adds richness and savouriness throughout the white meat – not a dry, bland turkey breast in sight. This top-secret butter infusion is another time-saving measure – this turkey doesn’t need a brine or constant basting to stay juicy, says PC® Product Developer Taylor Hoch. It just is.  


Jerk Roast Turkey Crown

Level: Easy

Preparation: 45 mins

Ready in: 150 mins

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“Just another reason our turkeys are almost foolproof.” 

These are the easy vibes you want when you’re cooking for the holidays for sure, but you also want easy on any given Sunday night. “I call this the everyday turkey,” Hoch says. “It’s great for people who love the taste of turkey and want it outside of the holidays. You might typically roast a chicken because it’s smaller, but you can comfortably cook this up for family dinner anytime. It’s convenient – and you’ll get that throwback holiday flavour.”