Tasty traditions made too easy

Tasty traditions made too easy

Fuss-Free Feast

These six new PC® dishes are inspired by real family recipes and rituals, but are way simplified. So you can stick them in the oven and feel like the expert.

Convenient cannoli that pleases the connoisseurs. Jerk wings that wow in under 30 minutes. Pillowy pretzels at the press of a button. It’s easier than ever to build new-old food traditions. Our PC® Product Developers worked tirelessly to turn their colleagues’ beloved family recipes into dishes that are light on prep and full of heart. Because who ever said delicious, meaningful food had to be hard? Not us.

PC colleague: Sam Girvan

Tradition: Tourtière

“Every New Year’s Eve, my dad would make three big tourtières and bring them out around 11 p.m., about the same time we start playing trivia. We all call it hamburger pie.” This made-in-Quebec classic has some PC® twists: tender braised pulled pork joins the minced mix along with potato. It’s all hugged by pie crust on the bottom and the flakiest puff pastry up top (that’s thanks to the butter). Our frozen tourtière gives you a taste of a Canadian tradition in less than 90 minutes (hello, easy weeknight dinner).

PC colleague: Jenny Tian

Tradition: Peking duck

“Peking duck is a true Chinese delicacy and it is a dish I eat with my family every time I visit China. To me, this dish means ‘welcome home.’” Succulent shredded duck, crispy skin, crunchy veg, sautéed in a special sauce we took months perfecting, all wrapped in thin pancakes. Inspired by an authentic family recipe, our new meal kit captures the celebration of Peking-style duck and makes it quick and easy to share with others.

PC colleague: Sheldon Henry

Tradition: Jerk chicken

“On Christmas eve in Jamaica, we’d go to the Grand Market to shop for gifts and eat jerk chicken. When I migrated to Canada, I created my own recipe to give my kids the experience I had.” Jamaican jerk is a layered, nuanced process. But it’s all out in the open here, quite literally – we recommend barbecuing these wings for max caramelization and smokiness. Bonus: the medium spice on these wings will instantly cure any lingering grilling chill.

PC colleague: Jackie Dalimonte

Tradition: Salt cod

“Italian baccala takes days. If I told my Nonna I turned salt cod and potatoes into an appetizer, she’d faint!” Salt cod and potato is a classic combination for French, Portuguese and Italian folks who all have their own versions. And now for ours. Texture is boss with these bites of light, whipped filling in a crispy coating. Your app spread needs these croquettes.

PC colleague: Mihaela Galitz

Tradition: Soft pretzels

“In Romania, where I worked and went to university, pretzels were a passion food that accompanied me throughout the day when I was too busy to eat. They became my best friend.” Individually hand-twirled and scored, these soft and chewy pretzels are all uniquely shaped and gorgeous. Bake from frozen and bathe them in melted butter or match with your favourite mustard.

PC colleague: Christine Marsigliese

Tradition: Cannoli

“Growing up, my zia (my aunt) always brought cannoli to our family events. The recipe is so simple and really relies on the best ricotta filling we could find.” – Christina Marsigliese With a piping bag comes great responsibility. You alone decide how much ricotta filling to squeeze into each adorable cannoli shell, flavoured with honey and white wine, Italian-style, then fried until crispy.

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