Apps all day—set your oven to excited

Apps all day—set your oven to excited

Easy-Pleasy Apps

Preparing our PC® Apps is a bit like performing a magic trick: they’re made in just moments and will disappear from your table just as fast.

Appetizers are one of the few things for which quantity matters as much as quality. Ruining your appetite before dinner be damned, that's a "future you" problem - if there's not enough finger food, you could be jeopardizing the whole night right now! Grab a handful of these apps and more next time you’re in the frozen section.

PC® Jerk Chicken Wings

Smoky, spicy and speedy to prepare, you’re gonna jump for our new jerk wings. Inspired by a secret PC® family recipe, they’re super flavourful with a medium, warm heat. All spices sing here, most importantly allspice, Scotch bonnet pepper and thyme. To amplify the smokiness – and in keeping with traditional Caribbean jerk – we recommend cooking these frozen wings on the grill until they’re sticky, charred in spots and supremely juicy. (Since barbecuing weather can be dicey, the oven is your next best pal.) Serve with ice cold drinks and plenty of napkins.

PC® Ascolana Fried Olives Stuffed with Cheese

Our riff on the legendary Ascolana olive, a classic from Italy's Marche region, sees these great green olives stuffed with not one, but four cheeses. Then breaded. Then fried. No, you're not dreaming, but you may be drooling.

PC® Cranberry & Brie Puff Pastry Bites

Meet the multi-purpose app. Made with 100% Canadian cranberries for a can’t resist combo of sweet, tart, cheesy and flaky. You’ll be eating them for breakfast, potlucks AND dessert .

PC® Bacon and Onion Focaccia Pizza

Folks who don't finish their crust, look away – dough disciples, hello. It's pizza but with a fluffier, airier, tastier base. Not a crust left behind.

PC® Mini Sausage Rolls

Classic mini sausage rolls, hugely crushable. Filled with savoury chicken and a hint of Dijon, these flaky puff pastry bites are undeniably excellent.

PC® French Quiche Bistro-Style Selection

Meet two classic quiches with creamy fillings and Swiss cheese: Florentine has spinach and onions, while Lorraine has ham, mozzarella and bacon. Invite them both!

PC® Beer Battered Shrimp

Succulent shrimp dressed in a crunchy beer-batter coating: a total treat on any app table. They’re light, crisp and ready to party.

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