Great-tasting coffee makes holiday miracles happen
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Great-tasting coffee makes holiday miracles happen

Dazzling Drinks

We know you’ve got to keep going until the clock strikes 11:59 p.m. on December 31. That’s why we’ve got a PC® brew for you, made with our finest beans, roasted in Canada and kept fresh thanks to our new packaging. So grab a mug of our best-tasting PC® coffee—you’ll love it, or your money back (with proof of purchase).

Reality: Late-night wrap sesh

Rescue: You need something bold with cocoa notes—like —to keep those corners precise and the ribbon twirled just so.

Reality: Big brunch

Rescue: Rouse them first with the aroma of , then hit them with a cup of full-bodied and intensely rich coffee.

Reality: Sledding party

Rescue: Your great Canadian tradition calls for a travel mug of . This lively brew will keep you nice and toasty.

Reality: Cookie decorating marathon

Rescue: The sweet aroma and mellow flavour of pair perfectly with icing smears and sprinkle spills.

Reality: Sleepy dinner party

Rescue: Wake up the table with a steamy shot of poured over ice cream. Its roasted sweetness and rich chocolate notes will keep the party going. (And going.)

Reality: Unexpected drop-in

Rescue: Surprise guests with an unexpected cup. has an earthy aroma, full body and assertive flavour, with notes of dark chocolate.

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