6 refreshing summer desserts (no oven required!)
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6 refreshing summer desserts (no oven required!)

At The Table

The perfect summer treats aren’t too heavy or sweet — they’re cool, creamy and filled with bright flavours.

1. Get a taste of the flavour of the summer 

New to yuzu?  – traced back to China and used abundantly in Japanese cooking – tastes like the perfect collision between a lemon, lime and orange. Its tart-sweet flavour complements the smooth, creamy textures of summer desserts like sorbet.  

is a frozen dessert that blends aromatic blueberry with that fresh yuzu flavour for a perfect pairing of sweet and sour. You can enjoy it the traditional way in a cup or cone, or try this sparkling twist on a float: Simply put two scoops of sorbet in a tall glass, then fill with ginger ale. For a special (adults-only) occasion, use a wine glass and top with a sparkling wine instead. Enjoy this dessert digestif immediately.  

If you’re looking for a dessert with a light-as-air texture, you need to try the . Unlike a New York-style cheesecake, this is a with no crust that lets the juicy flavour of yuzu citrus steal the show. It requires no fuss; just thaw the frozen cake in the refrigerator before serving. 

2. Recreate an ice cream truck favourite 

Nothing sparks nostalgia for childhood summers like getting a cone or sundae from the ice cream truck. Let these memories inspire an even more indulgent take on frozen dessert: a parfait. Start with sweet , roughly chopped and layered at the bottom of a . Follow up with a scoop of , made with real cream and crushed vanilla beans. A classic flavour like vanilla is subtle enough to let the toppings shine, making it the perfect base for this treat. Then, add a generous dollop of whipped cream—homemade or straight from a can, no judgement here!—and top with crushed , a few more strawberries sliced thin, and a slow, deliberate pour of , for the hint of liqueur that sets this parfait apart. 

Prefer to get a little messy and eat with your hands? Make DIY ice cream sandwiches using . These are indulgent, buttery cookies dipped in rich Belgian chocolate, and studded with sweet chewy toffee pieces and Belgian chocolate chunks throughout. Pop a scoop of  between two cookies and press gently. Take it over the top by rolling the sides of the sandwich through rainbow or chocolate sprinkles so they stick to the ice cream. 

3. Grab a slice of a cool classic 

Certain treats are summer staples, and for good reason: They’re the perfect cross between cool and creamy, and come ready-to-serve with no need to heat up the kitchen. The perfect example? , a smooth and refreshing delight made with real key lime juice and a sweet graham cracker crust. Simply thaw and serve! If you’re looking for a similar silky texture but milder flavour,  is a great option. The coconut cream filling is topped with real cream and toasted coconut flakes, and sits on a graham cracker crust. Both are chilled treats you can slice and serve easily after any summer meal.