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President’s Choice® products that fit into your life.

We crave the new, the next, and the never been done. We crave exotic tastes and local sources. More yum and less sodium. Juicier barbecues and louder birthday parties. We ask what if? And why not? Because the more we ask, the more we discover.

Two plates one smaller than the other
Decorative Bowl and Spoon
  • Discover a world of new tastes

    We’re on a mission to develop unique or superior products that offer Canadians better value.

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    Two bowls of PC Mango Dairy-Free Coconut Milk Frozen Dessert with chopped mixed fruit on top
    500ml container of mango coconut milk frozen dessert.
  • Five-star flavours

    Experience a whole new level of taste with fine foods and flavours at exceptional value.

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    A dish with one piece of Parmesan-crusted cod on top  of a tomato fennel sauce
    Jar of PC Black Label tomato and fennel pasta sauce
  • Making healthy choices simple

    Healthier eating doesn't have to be hard.

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    A bowl of PC Blue Menu Granola & Nut Snack Mix

    Bag of PC Blue menu granola & nut snack mix
  • Certified Organic to meet Canadian Standards

    All of our PC® Organics products are third party certified so you can fill your cart and your plate with confidence.

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    A bowl of PC Organics Plain Skyr Icelandic Style 0% MF Yogurt topped with walnuts ans pumpkin seeds
    Container of PC Organics Plain Skyr Icelandic Style 0% MF Yogurt
  • Set your taste buds free

    Meat that's raised without antibiotics. So you're free to enjoy.

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    An open-faced PC Free From Black Forest Ham and Egg Bagel Sandwich
    Package of PC free from smoked Black Forest ham
  • Feed your furry family

    Quality pet food, right where you shop for groceries.

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    Golden Retriever laying on the floor eating a plate of PC Nutrition First Large Breed Chicken and Brown rice dog food

    Image of text which reads: We know you want the best for your fur family

    Bag of PC nutrition first large breed chicken with brown rice  dog food
Image of text which reads: There's always something new to discover

More products to discover

  • PC® Plant Based

    Whether you or your loved one are vegan, trying to eat less meat, or just want to try something new, there’s a PC® Plant Based option for everyone.

  • PC® Lactose Free

    Our lactose-free foods are ideal for those who avoid lactose yet love their dairy products.

  • PC® Gluten Free

    From cereal to snacks and crackers to cookies, our certified gluten-free selections are made for those trying to eliminate or limit gluten in their diet.

  • PC® Splendido

    Steeped in tradition, our quality foods from Italy are crafted with care.

  • PC® The Decadent®

    Our The Decadent® line-up includes rich, exquisite and indulgent treats.

  • PC® Organics Baby

    Give your little one a PC® Organics start with nourishing food that’s certified organic, meaning it’s grown holistically without chemical fertilizers or synthetic pesticides.

  • PC® Home Appliances

    All the small appliances needed for your home, from Air fryers to Waffle makers, and at the lowest prices possible.

  • PC® Home Cookware

    Skillets, roasters, indoor grills and more – all your home cookware needs, all in one place.