Saucy secrets for a show-stopping main

Saucy secrets for a show-stopping main

Fuss-Free Feast

Our PC® World of Flavours French Style Braising Beef Short Ribs have arrived and are here to wow-with minimal work from you.

Do you hear it?

The applause that erupts as you place your flavourful, fall-off-the-bone short ribs on the table. An elegant festive dinner? Nailed it, with our .

We’ll let you in on the secrets to making this restaurant-quality meal—but don’t tell anyone. First, our new short ribs come pre-seasoned to cut down on your prep time. Your job: brown the meat, add aromatics (carrots, celery and onions are classic) and build your broth (try red wine for a deeper flavour). Did we mention this is all done in one pot? We live for one-pot dinners (and fewer dishes). Here comes the best part: go relax because the work is done. Braise the ribs low and slow until the meat’s fork tender and the sauce is like gravy. Be right back, grabbing a baguette. No one needs to know that the secret sauce behind your impressive meal is so simple. And required minimal effort. Just soak up those cheers (and all that sauce).

Braised Short Ribs with Carrots and Potatoes

Level: Intermediate

Preparation: 30 mins

Ready in: 270 mins

Check it out

Main dish energy: all the flavour, none of the work

You’ve just been asked to host the big dinner—please keep calm and buy a PC® Turkey Crown. Seriously, we’ve mastered making mains so you don’t have to. We’re so confident you can do this, we’re giving you a money-back guarantee with proof of purchase (but you won’t need it). 

PC® Butter-Infused Stuffed Turkey Crown

The turkey crown is big in England (we’ve heard rumours it’s served on a golden platter at the palace). Clearly the Brits are on to something because it’s basically foolproof. The wings, legs and back are removed for you so it’s easier to handle. It’s smaller in size so it can be done in as little as five hours. Plus, it’s pre-stuffed and ready to cook from frozen. 

PC® Boneless Spiral-Sliced Hickory-Smoked Ham with Brown Sugar Glaze Pouch

Meet your new favourite ham. It comes precooked to avoid drying out, with a sweet-sticky glaze to give it a golden crust. And the bone—there isn’t one, making slicing a dream. Pair with our and our new . And just like that, you made a no-fuss feast. 

PC® World of Flavours Pork Belly and Seasoned Boneless Pork Loin Roast Porchetta

You might be noticing a theme here—every one of these mains is easy. This one is no different—we pre-seasoned the pork loin with garlic, chili, fennel, nutmeg and rosemary so it’s ready to roast or grill. The outside crisps up almost like bacon, while the meat inside stays tender and juicy. You just need some , and you’re done like dinner. 

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