Don’t miss the PC® Insiders Challenge (and these points!)
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Don’t miss the PC® Insiders Challenge (and these points!)

PC Optimum

Open your PC OptimumTM app because we have a delicious way to earn 8,000 points.

It’s going to be a holiday filled with points thanks to our PC® Insiders Challenge! You get to eat all your fave festive foods and earn at least 8,000 points. That’s a $8 value!

Here’s how it works: open your app to get our PC® Insiders Challenge. For each participating PC® product you buy, you earn 1,000 points. Buy four of the eight products and your challenge is complete—now you get 4,000 bonus points on top of the 4,000 points you’ve already earned.

Our PC® Insiders Challenge is four weeks long, which means you have until November 29th to buy your four products and check them off your list. Pick them up all at once if you please or spread the joy out over the four weeks. It’s your challenge! To help you keep track, your app will mark each product off as you purchase it. Once you’ve bought your four products, the bonus 4,000 points will show up in your account right away.

Now for the delicious part—the PC® products. All picked to make holiday entertaining season easier. We’ve got an abundance of frozen appetizers that make hosting a breeze (seriously, just pop them in the oven and you’re done!). And we couldn’t forget dessert. Open the freezer and you are officially ready to own the sweets table.

PC® Filipino Chicken Adobo Lumpia Spring Rolls with Vegetables and Chicken (and all PC® Spring Rolls):

We are pleased to present our new favourite frozen appetizer! Long, slender and shatteringly crisp, our lumpia are hand-rolled and perfectly golden brown—just like the classic but with a PC® twist. Buy these (or any of our delicious PC® spring rolls) to get in on the points.

PC® Salted Caramel Meringata Meringue Dessert (and all PC® Meringatas):

This traditional Italian frozen treat is made of luxurious layers of semifreddo— like ice cream, but soft and creamy. Our semifreddo is made in Italy with a house-made salted caramel meringue. Pick up any of our PC® Meringatas to enjoy with a side of points.

PC® Eggplant Parmiagiana Sfogliatelle Pastry Bites:

Our newest apps is hand shaped in Italy with 50 shatter-on-impact layers. And the filling? You’ll find all the rich flavours of eggplant parm in these pouches.

PC® All-Butter Puff Pastry:

Presenting puff pastry perfection. Perfectly golden. Puffed every time. Our puff pastry is forever a fan favourite for good reason.

PC® Birthday Cupcake Filled with Vanilla-Flavoured Ice Cream (and all PC® Ice Cream Cupcakes):

Now you can have your cake and your ice cream, too. We’ve taken a traditional birthday cake cupcake and filled it top to bottom with as much vanilla-flavoured ice cream as possible. Add our vanilla or chocolate PC® Ice Cream Cupcakes to your next grocery shop and sprinkle some points on top.

PC® Halloom Cheese Sticks in Za’atar-Herbed Batter:

Say hello to our tastiest cheese sticks ever. We’ve added flair to your favourite deep-fried appetizer by using za’atar-battered halloom.

PC® Candy Cane Chocolate® Fudge Crackle Ice Cream (and all PC® Candy Cane Ice Creams and Bars):

A legend, an icon and a bestseller since 1993. If you’re not already a fan, here’s what you’ve been missing: peppermint vanilla flavoured ice cream with crushed candy cane pieces and lots of our famous fudge crackle TM. Scoop up any of our PC® Candy Cane Ice Creams and Bars to enjoy with points.

PC® Parmesan & Black Truffle Polenta Fries:

Fancy a fabulous, super sophisticated fry? Inside the crispy coating is a blend of Parmesan, portobello mushrooms and luxurious flecks of real black truffle, foraged in Europe.

You could just buy some of these products and earn your 1,000 points. But we know our PC Optimum TM fans would never leave 4,000 bonus points on the table.

Go on, take our PC® Insiders Challenge and celebrate the holidays with sweet new flavours (and all the points).