We’ve got apps for that

We’ve got apps for that

Easy-Pleasy Apps

There’s not a time of day or tradition that can stump a PC® appetizer.

Apps for breakfast.

We’re not just being cute when we say you can eat them all day—many of our apps are made for early risers. Set out , and , like little Danishes. Add fruit and a pot of coffee, and you’ve got a holiday breakfast of champions.

Apps for Tibb’s Eve.

Easy, salty bites like and match perfectly with the salty jokes at your annual Tibb’s Eve party. A beloved Newfoundland folk tradition, Tibb’s Eve (also known as Tipsy Eve) has a long, playful history. For some, it’s the last chance to raise a glass with friends before family holiday celebrations take over. New tradition alert!

Apps for the annual movie marathon.

Your guests may not agree on the proper sequence of holiday classics, but and will earn rave reviews. These meaty apps are a source of energy —for many hours of lying down.

Party tricks you need to know.

And as you prep for that party, a few simple tricks will help you master app night —and they come straight from our PC® Test Kitchen.

Make the oven wait for you

Keep a steady stream of appetizers coming out hot by starting with bites that cook at the highest temperature first. Then gradually lower the temp as you go—it’s faster to drop the temperature than to wait for it to come up.

Korean-Style Chicken and Waffles

Level: Easy

Preparation: 20 mins

Ready in: 45 mins

Check it out

Add pops of colour

Make it rain with torn basil, parsley or dill, thinly sliced green onions or seeded red Thai peppers. And take the extra step to season crudités with salt and pepper (trust us) for extra punch.

Swoop a sauce

Dips on the side are a yes, but have you ever spread sauce over a plate and placed hot apps on top? Spoon creamy or on a platter and nestle crispy appetizers in, for a saucy-crunchy bite every time.

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