This summer has a new sauce: PC® Black Label Gold Barbecue Sauce
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This summer has a new sauce: PC® Black Label Gold Barbecue Sauce


Our new PC® Black Label Gold Barbecue Sauce will have you hooked after one taste – and it’s cheaper than a trip to South Carolina!

Ever sip barbecue sauce straight from the bottle? No? That’s probably because we’ve been living in BGS days—before gold sauce, that is. Things are different now. Confession: When we first tried , we wanted to smuggle it out of the PC® Test Kitchen under our notebooks. We didn’t. But we wanted to. This tangy, mustard-based sauce will make you do things you never thought you would—it’s that good.

Our version may be new, but gold sauce has a history south of the border, where barbecue pits are a way of life. In Charleston, South Carolina, specifically, barbecue is bathed in its trademark, deeply beloved mustard-based sauce. The PC® twist is that we make ours in small batches with Canadian mustard seeds and apple cider vinegar. It’s bold, with a brightness to balance the sweetness. It also has a slightly thinner consistency than red barbecue sauces, which is intentional. This makes it super versatile: You can use it to marinate, baste, finish or dip. It’s tremendously good on pork, chicken, grilled vegetables or our creamy Halloom.

Spiralized Hot Dogs with Gold Sauce Mayo

Level: Intermediate

Preparation: 20 mins

Ready in: 30 mins

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“It’s so delicious, it transports me to barbecue pits, laughter and sharing a regional meal at a wooden picnic table,” says PC® Product Developer Tarrah Laidman. More and more people are getting interested in regional barbecue, she says, but haven’t had the chance to travel. Instead, they’ve spent many hours on the couch watching food shows. “We knew that a great sauce could take our hungry global adventurers’ next outdoor meal to the next level.” So how will you level up with this sauce? Laidman recommends adding it to pulled pork sandwiches with slaw or using it as a dip for a late-night grilled cheese. We love a classic vehicle, though: the not-so-ordinary hot dog. Or you could take the ultimate shortcut to enjoying this sauce as quickly as possible and just take a sip.

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