These refreshing drinks will be your summer staples 
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These refreshing drinks will be your summer staples 

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From yuzu citrus cold brew to dealcoholized rose wine, each of these beverages is a gamechanger.

Our bold prediction for this summer: Surprising flavour combinations in ready-made drinks will steal the limelight. All. Season. Long. Whether your idea of summer refreshment is reaching for a pitcher of tangy lemonade at a picnic, or enjoying a bottle of something sparkling on your patio, there’s a tall glass with your name on it.  

1. Crack open classics with bold new flavours 

Equally suitable as a morning perk or a midday pleaser, cold brew coffee is a ready-to-drink option that positively screams “summer!” Amp up the flavour and summertime fun with , which combines the fizzy feel of sparkling water with smooth cold brew. This canned beverage is made from 100% arabica coffee with a  for a little extra kick. Its bubbly light taste is just what you need on a hot day. 

Not a coffee drinker? Get your juice on with . Organic, cold-pressed apple juice base enhanced with apple cider vinegar, spicy cinnamon and cayenne, each juice shot is made to grab-and-go. These compact shots are all about convenience – but they definitely don’t sacrifice flavour.  

2. Get a taste of sweet and sour with this upgraded lemonade 

Do you have fond memories of drinking lemonade as a kid? Imagine taking the sugary-sweet and lip-puckeringly sour flavours you love and giving them a twist to create your new favourite beverage. The result is . By introducing the delicate yuzu citrus flavour and a subtle hint of honey to the classic tang of lemonade, this drink has the perfect balance of sweet and sour you crave when you’re lounging on the deck. Best of all, it’s so easy: Instead of struggling to juice lemons and getting that sugar-to-water ratio just right, simply twist open a family-sized bottle, pour over ice and enjoy. Pro tip for any adults imbibing: Add a splash of your favourite libation to turn this childhood treat into the perfect afternoon cocktail.  

3. Make a batch (or two) of show-stopping mocktails 

Speaking of indulging: A frozen mocktail is perfect when you’re hanging poolside — nothing beats resting by the edge of the pool with a reusable straw in your mouth. Full disclosure, these mocktails aren’t quite ready-to-sip, but they’re so incredibly simple that you won’t sweat the few steps! Transport your taste buds to the tropics with . This frozen fruit blend combines three tangy flavours, while its bright pink colour will rival your garden’s brightest blooms. Add it to a blender along with any liquid of your choice, like a sparkling water, to get it to a sip-able consistency.  

More of a sangria person? Simply empty a bottle of  into a pitcher, add in some of your fruit blend, and top with for a light, bubbly alcohol-free summer drink. Add slices of fresh peaches to really take this beverage over the top. 

Bonus: Get sipping anywhere  

Summer is all about getting outside, and you shouldn’t let your glassware stop you. Whether you’re taking your family taco night out to the patio or splitting a bottle of  at the campsite,  were made to be used all summer long. Made of TritanTM plastic, these stemless glasses come in four colours – Aqua, Smoke, Blush and Clear – and are shatter-resistant, making them functional and fashionable. Their shape works equally well for casual dining or fancier occasions, and is suitable for wine, water and mocktails alike. Taking your drinks on the go? The sturdy nature of  means you can tote them anywhere.