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A show-stopping twist on hot chocolate is here 

Everyday Upgrades

Our new PC® Hot Chocolate Bombs make a rich and indulgent treat that we think is even better than the homemade version. 

Last year, you saw those trendy hot chocolate bombs on social media, and thought, ‘That’s a fun way to create some holiday magic for the kids!’ You bought all the ingredients (after spending hours scouring the Internet for those moulds), watched five online tutorials and then gave up when you just could not get that chocolate to temper. Bah humbug! 

This year, we’ve come to the rescue with our no-DIY  that we think are even better than homemade originals. We skipped the hot chocolate powder found in most “bombs” and amped up the cocoa in the chocolate shell itself to give you the most chocolate in every sip. “Instead of a milk chocolate, we’ve used chocolate that has 50% cocoa solids,” explains PC® Product Developer Laura Sliapnic. “This means that when you pour the milk over, it makes a really rich and creamy hot chocolate.” 

When it comes to milk, 2% works best, but you can also use an almond or oat beverage. Then simply pour it over the bomb and enjoy the silence as your kids enjoy the spectacle of marshmallows bobbing to the surface as you stir. 

“I have three kids at home, and they give it three thumbs up,” says Sliapnic. 

They’re perfect for making those everyday holiday moments even more special—the last day of school before the winter break, warming up after tobogganing in the first snowfall or snuggling on the couch to watch your favourite holiday movie—sign us up for that one.  

If you’re hosting a party, Sliapnic suggests adding hot chocolate bombs to the mix: Simply fill a jar with  and let your guests . Sprinkles, whipped cream and candy canes to garnish are strongly recommended.  

The , which come in a pack of three, also make fantastic , host gifts or thoughtful little somethings for teachers, coaches or White Elephant presents. And while they’re a hit with kids, don’t forget your own holiday moments of magic: When everyone’s asleep, heat some milk, pop a  in and enjoy a little festive fun by yourself in the blissful quiet. Cheers!