Revolutionize your holiday baking game 

Revolutionize your holiday baking game 

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A cookie scoop is a game changer for bakers. Of course we had to make one. 

Have you ever pulled out a sheet of cookies from the oven, only to discover some are raw, others are burnt and just a few are perfectly baked? Or even worse, your dozen cookies somehow morphed into one giant blob. Why are the baking gods denying you the sweet buttery taste of cookies? Because you’re not measuring out your dough balls! An easy mistake with an even easier solution: our new 

“It’s a game-changer,” says Erin Humes, a PC® Product Developer who worked on the cookie scoop.

Why? Engineered with a spring-loaded mechanism (hello power!), the  creates perfect, consistently sized balls of dough every time. “When every cookie is the same size, it allows them to bake evenly,” Humes explains for the newbies in the room. No more scorched tiny cookies and doughy giants made with the scraps at the bottom of the mixing bowl for you. 

Just scoop, squeeze, repeat for your gingersnaps and Grandma’s famous snickerdoodles, creating cookies of a uniform size every time. “It’s visually appealing for the perfectionists because the cookies will all look identical,” says Humes. Pinterest-worthy cookies? Yes, please.  


Spiced Egg Nog Snickerdoodles

Level: Easy

Preparation: 15 mins

Ready in: 60 mins

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Oh, you already have a cookie scoop in your kitchen? Sorry, but you still need the PC® Soft Grip Cookie Dough Scoop. The soft silicone handle means no achy palms for you after making six dozen cookies for your annual cookie swap. And it’s easy to clean, too. Plus, it comes in an icy blue shade that is going to look so good sitting on your kitchen counter – just picture it now, we’ll wait. Did we mention it’s less than $10? No. Brainer. 

And while it’s officially called the , you have permission to freestyle: muffins, cupcakes, meatballs – the world is your perfectly portioned oyster.