Our new PC® Maple Soy Cedar Plank Atlantic Salmon is so easy

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Our new PC® Maple Soy Cedar Plank Atlantic Salmon is so easy


Cedar plank: We soaked it. Responsibly farmed salmon: We glazed it. Dinner: Just grill it.

Burnt sugar, overly smoky fish and a charred plank you didn’t take enough time to soak: These are the images (and smells) that may come to mind when you think about making cedar plank salmon. Not super exciting or motivating. But when our PC® Product Developers think about this dish, they get really excited--and highly motivated. Finding just the right way to take the fussiness out of a dish like this is what they live for. Starting today, when you think about our new , envision everything frozen in one pack, the plank presoaked, with perfectly marinated fish on top. Just thaw it and grill it. Can you imagine anything easier?

It requires no planning, and no special occasion is necessary. You can make it at the cottage, over a campfire, or on any ordinary weeknight, because all of the prep work is done. We marinate a four-portion piece of ASC-certified Atlantic salmon in a lightly gingery, sticky, sweet-salty sauce made with real Canadian maple syrup and soy sauce. Then we seal it up and flash-freeze it on a presoaked cedar plank. It’s easy to make and doesn’t create a lot of mess.

PC® Product Developer Jackie Dalimonte calls the concept a no-brainer. “We always have sustainability at top of mind,” she says. “Creating an all-in-one dish was the perfect way for us to reduce packaging while creating something that was easy and no-prep.”

If you consider taking out of the freezer to thaw before cooking prep, then fine, it’s low-prep. When you open your thawed pack, the fish is ready to cook. Just be sure to wipe any excess marinade off the plank to prevent it from burning. Cook it in the oven or on the barbecue – the choice is yours – but there’s something about the whiff of cedar smoke when you open the grill. “Things start to change under that hood,” says PC® Product Developer Jackie Dalimonte. “The marinade begins to caramelize and turn into a shiny glaze; the plank starts to darken and char, which creates a layer of smokiness. By the time it’s done cooking, the salmon is just so moist.” Happy Tuesday.

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