Meet our mind-blowing new dip

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Meet our mind-blowing new dip

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A loaded pierogi deconstructed into four layers you won’t be able to resist dipping into. PC® 4-Layer Loaded Pierogi Dip--yeah, we did that.

Imagine a pierogi pulled out of its pouch, so that you could drag a chip through each pleasing part. We’ve really done it. Ready for a tour? Let’s take the slow scenic route, starting from the bottom and building our way up.

Our begins with a layer of creamy, whipped potato punctuated with bits of bacon, followed by sweet, caramelized onions, then tangy sour cream and green onions. That’s three layers right there—all essential pierogi parts, all real ingredients. To top it off: shredded cheddar cheese and chives. It’s everything you love and expect from a plate of pierogies, designed for dipping. A classic rippled chip is recommended, but once you get this dip in the door, it’s yours to personalize. There’s nothing stopping you from plunging in an actual pierogi—very meta, if we may say. Or from eating it off a spoon, simply standing in your kitchen. Delicious, deconstructed pierogi pleasure is all yours. Now dip!

Don’t stop dipping

We’re not nearly done with the party-worthy dips.

PC® Chunky Guacamole

Made with Mexican avocadoes that are fresh, never frozen, our gives you that made-on-the-spot restaurant-style guac feeling, right at home. This guac Haas it all!

PC® Fiesta 5-Layer Dip

The party will pop off soon as you pop the lid off. Feast your eyes (and tortilla chips) on five layers of fun, including black beans, avocado and salsa, topped off with cheddar cheese.

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