How to build a holiday gift basket

How to build a holiday gift basket

How To

Want to DIY a gift? You can do it. Grab a PC® Life at Home Cookie Tin, take a spin around the grocery store, and voila! You’re a holiday gifting hero.

Need a fun and easy hostess or teacher gift? There’s nothing quicker (or more thoughtful) than a hand-picked gift basket, filled with PC® treats. We’ve even taken care of the packaging for you. 

With various sizes and patterns to choose from, a Life at HomeTM Cookie Tin is a great base. 

1. Place a tin, open side up, on top of its lid, rim down, in the middle of a wide sheet of cellophane.   

 2. Stand boxes of , a selection from our  and sleeves of in the tin. 

3. Surround the boxed goodies with bags of , ,  and mini bars of

3. In the open spaces around the bags, slip muffin liners loaded with the raisin and nut assortment from the .  

4. Gather the cellophane ends above the package and seal the bundle with festive ribbon.  

5. Stand back in amazement at your handiwork. You are a gifting genius!