How our no-fuss holiday ham stole the show

How our no-fuss holiday ham stole the show

Bring It Back

We took the best of our traditional hams to create an even easier and juicier main. 

Picture it—your guests sitting at your beautifully decorated holiday table and you walk in with the centerpiece, a sweet and juicy ham covered in a brown sugar glaze. Pause for applause! No one needs to know this ham required no work on your part. You didn’t fret over the pork drying out or curse a glaze that wouldn’t thicken. And slicing was a cinch because there was no bone to work around. It’s a holiday host’s dream, right?  

Actually, it’s a reality with the . The ham is pre-cooked, so it won’t dry it out, and it comes with a sticky-sweet glaze that you pour all over to give your main that coveted golden crust. Thanks to the spiral-cut, the ham is already deboned, so your knife encounters no obstacles (and creates less mess) when you’re cutting thick, gleaming slices. It’s the fuss-free crown jewel of many a dinner table. 

The PC® Boneless Spiral Sliced Hickory Smoked Ham with Brown Sugar Glaze Pouch is the culmination of a long journey in ham excellence for the PC® product team. Our PC® Hickory Smoked Spiral Ham, Sliced uses wood-smoking techniques to fuse in flavour, while the PC® Vermont-Style Maple Flavour Extra Lean Boneless Ham takes full advantage of the caramelizing powers of the state’s sweet sap. 

Our bone-in ham has long been the table’s most valuable player when it comes to texture (always succulent, never rubbery) with flavour that often gets people going back for thirds. But we wondered how could we emulate that in an easy-to-prepare, heat-and-serve boneless option? We took everything we knew about curing (a process used to infuse the most flavour into meat), cooking and smoking, then applied it to our boneless variation to create a product so fool-proof anyone can cook the perfect ham—you just need to turn the oven on. But when you serve it, everyone will think you made it from scratch. A holiday dinner win if we’ve ever heard one.