9 PC® essentials for backyard pizza parties all summer long
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9 PC® essentials for backyard pizza parties all summer long

How To

Pizza parties just got really exciting with your slick new PC® Propane-Powered Pizza Oven. The price—and the pizzas it makes—will have them lining up for more. U

Imagine them gathered around your new as you pull out a gorgeously blistered, bubbling, cheesy pizza. Everyone is in awe—they’re stunned by the pizzas of course, but also by the oven’s unbelievable price. Your patio table has been transformed into a topping station and… is that a lineup forming down your street? It’s the summer of the outdoor pizza party and you’re going to need all the essentials. Consider this your complete PC® pizza party kit.


Basic Pizza Dough

Level: Easy

Preparation: 45 mins

Ready in: 140 mins

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The oven: PC® Propane-Powered Pizza Oven.

An outdoor pizza oven at an unbelievable price: We’ve made it possible. If you don’t fall in love with this nifty little oven—and the blistered, cheesy pies it bakes up—we’ll fully refund you, guaranteed*. Totally portable, it heats up to 500°C or 932°F with real flames and a square 12-inch cordierite stone. All this heat makes it easy to be your own pizza chef, cranking out restaurant-quality pizza in minutes.

The paddle: PC® Pizza Peel.

Working with a super-hot pizza stone makes a paddle necessary, and this one is made to fit our . Lightweight, with a long, soft-grip handle, it makes it easy to slide your pizza into the oven, rotate it so the crust blisters evenly, and then deliver it with attitude.

The dough: PC® Italian Tipo "OO" Flour Pizza Dough.

When you’re cooking pies with an audience, your pizza crust needs to be on point. This dough is made with extra virgin olive oil and Italian double-zero flour, which is finely milled for a good rise and chewy crust. You’ll get two balls of dough per pack for all your pizza, calzone or focaccia plans.

The sauce: PC® Black Label Pizza Sauce.

Ask any nonna: Good tomato sauce is boss. Part of our , this one is a level up, made in Italy with sweet Italian tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil. It’s a classic base that lets other ingredients shine.

The toppings.

Try sliced or , halved to prevent rolling. For texture and all-important umami, pan fry chunks of and add meaty, briny . And don’t forget , because topping your pizza quickly is key when the oven is hot.

* Just bring the product, packaging and receipt back to the store where you bought it for a full refund.