4 easy ways to take your holiday drinks up a notch
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4 easy ways to take your holiday drinks up a notch

At The Table

Impress your guests, without the stress, with these elevated beverages.

Do you love sipping a cocktail at a bar and wonder how can make that same fancy drink at home? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve created this zero-stress, all-impress guide to taking your basic holiday drinks to the next level...without you having to get a certificate in bartending.  

Kick up your cocktails with ginger

Lean into the flavours of the season, with the cozy taste of ginger. Whether you’re making mocktails, cocktails or floats, our  are the perfect size for a single serving. No more pouring unused portions down the drain. 

Try them in an extra-zippy dark and stormy: Fill a tall glass with ice. Add two ounces of dark rum, three ounces of  and the juice from one lime. Stir, taste and top up with more ginger beer, if desired. For a refreshing mocktail, just leave out the rum. Look at you, you’re basically a mixologist now. 

Indulge in a twist on classic chocolatey goodness

If you aren’t making hot chocolate at this time of year, are you even doing the holidays right? Nope! But homemade is not necessary (and not worth all the ingredient prep), so here are two ways to get your cocoa fix, without the DIY.  

PC® Ruby Hot Cocoa Mix 

Basic hot chocolate? Not here! Our  features, you guessed it, ruby cocoa, which is a completely new taste experience. You’ll love the mild berry taste and incredibly creamy texture of the ruby cocoa bean. Plus, its gorgeous rosy-pink hue gives your hot cocoa a fun new look, that is just screaming for some multi-coloured marshmallows to be added to the mug.  

PC® Hot Chocolate Bombs  

This is hot chocolate, but much more fun. Our  are spheres of luxurious chocolate filled with marshmallows, designed to melt into a dreamy hot beverage on contact with warm milk or your preferred non-dairy alternative. To make it an adults-only indulgence, add an ounce of Irish cream or coffee liqueur to the bottom of your mug before you pour in your steaming milk. That’s our kind of party!  

Freshen things up with lemon

Sometimes you need a hit of citrus to balance all those rich foods that come with the holiday season. Say hello to our . This tart and refreshing citrusy cocktail mix is made with lemon and lime juices, and will quickly become an indispensable addition to your home bar. Try it in a classic whisky sour: Add two ounces of bourbon, one ounce of  and simple syrup or maple syrup to taste in a cocktail shaker. Add ice and shake it like you mean it for about 20 to 30 seconds. Strain into a glass over ice, then garnish with a couple of .  

 can be used to make a great mocktail, too. Add some ice to a tall glass, pour in a tablespoon or two of . Fill the rest of the glass with  and top with one or two .  

Put a cherry on top

The secret to a great drink? All the garnishes. Top your drinks with —whole sour cherries that we brought all the way from Europe for you. Thread a couple onto a cocktail skewer to rest atop your Manhattan or Old Fashioned for a delectably sweet and slightly sour garnish.  

We also love these in a classic Shirley Temple because the kids deserve something special too. Here’s how to make one: In the bottom of a tall glass, stir together a couple of tablespoons of the syrup and the juice from half a lime. Fill with ice, then top with the contents of a . Don’t forget to garnish with a couple of