4 easy ways to amp up barbecue season 

4 easy ways to amp up barbecue season 

At The Table

All your favourite barbecue mains just got tastier!

No meal captures the feeling of summer like a backyard barbecue.

This year, we’re stepping up our barbecue game with new foods and flavours that will shake up your summer routine. Here are four ways to get creative during grilling season.    

Skew toward easy seafood grilling

While cooking delicate proteins like lobster or salmon might seem intimidating — especially over a blazing barbeque — pre-skewered products make it easy. come ready to grill: They’re split in half, lightly marinated in just the right amount of butter and herbs, and simply need to be cooked shell side down.

Just as easy to prepare, also come marinated in a sweet, tangy citrus glaze, meaning no messy prep work. You just need to throw them on the barbecue, and dinner’s done! Serve either of these fragrant seafood mains with a side of charred veggies, or enjoy them as apps grill-side.   

Go bold with yuzu  

Brighten up your barbecue seasonings with refreshing citrus flavours. are sweet, sticky, and a little spicy — an explosion of complementary flavours that will stand out at any backyard grill. With the yuzu honey sauce on the side, you have the option to dip your wings for just the right amount of bite, or drizzle the sauce on top, making for sticky fingers you’ll want to lick clean. Pro tip: Serve these breaded wings with a glass of ice-cold to take your balance of sweet-and-spicy to the next level on a hot summer day.   

Turn up the heat on savoury dishes  

 are small, bite-sized versions of elote, or street corn. This appetizer version of the savoury grilled corn found at many Mexican street food markets can also be prepared in the oven, but there’s nothing better than getting a little char from the grill. Top with guacamole or a bit of hot sauce for the perfect one-bite starter.  

Dress up the classics   

There’s always room on the grill for another burger, especially when it’s a . Level it up by adding a couple of slices of thick cut to the grill. Seasoned with just the right amount of crushed peppercorns, this bacon will give your patty extra crunch and kick. From there, it’s all about the toppings: Add caramelized onions and buttery sautéed mushrooms, plus a crisp leaf of iceberg lettuce and a juicy tomato ring or two to bring it all together on a soft and fluffy  .  

Bold barbecued ribs more your speed?  deliver the smoky flavour you love, no marinating required. As tender and saucy as if you slow-roasted them yourself, the meat falls right off the bone — a pit master’s dream — but these ribs come ready to heat and serve with the sauce already prepared for the easiest grill experience. The convenience will change the way you approach weeknight grilling. Use the time you save to pair this saucy main with unexpected sides, like a fluffy stovetop couscous and thick slices of grilled zucchini, or a light lemon butter orzo with fresh green peas.